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(1998) Storyboard: Anti-smoke Ad

E lynx lin storyboard minna01

(1998) Storyboard: Minna Medusa

E lynx lin hinterland storyboard

(2007) Storyboard: Hyphaland

Storyboard Collection I

(1998) Storyboard: Anti-smoke Ad
This is a storyboard of a mock anti-smoke ad.
The summary of the ad is that Smokey Joe waked a Sphinx up by smoking near it, & it asked Joe a live or die riddle:
"What is the creature that breathes smoke in the morning, has bad breath at noon, & has dying lungs in the evening?"
Joe answered it must be a dragon & got chased by the Sphinx into sunset.

(1999) Storyboard: Minna Medusa
This is a storyboard about a kind hearted Medusa named Minna shed a tear when she unwillingly petrified a butterfly. The format is unorthodox, reading from top to bottom, left to right.

(2007) Storyboard: Hyphaland
This is a game pitch storyboard of a fighting sequence between the protagonist and a few humanoid cyclops bots, to highlight a few of the proposed game mechanics.

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