Daily #Art - Day 05-17-19
Eric lynx lin imbei01c

I.M. Pei

Eric lynx lin imbei01b

I.M. Pei - WIP

Eric lynx lin imbei01

I.M. Pei - WIP

Eric lynx lin imbei00

I.M. Pei - Sketch

Eric lynx lin imbei ref

I.M. Pei - REF

Daily #Art - Day 05-17-19

Daily #Art - Day 05-17-19
(2019) I.M. Pei
This is an illustrated tribute to architect Ieoh-Ming Pei (Apr 26, 1917 - May 16, 2019), with an impressionist style painting of him superimposed with two of his famous works: Louvre Pyramid in Paris and Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong
(#15,604 / #194 / #96)

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