The Kiss 3D
E lynx thekiss 071117

A tilted low angle shot, showing the depth contrasting the foreground

The Kiss 3D

Eric lynx lin thekiss wip 042817b

The Kiss 3D - Construction I

Eric lynx lin thekiss wip 042817

The Kiss 3D - Construction II

The Kiss 3D

(2017) This is a tribute to Austrian Symbolist painter Gustav Klimt (1862-1918), and one of his most iconic romantic painting, The Kiss (1907 - 1908).
The painting depicts a couple locked in intimacy, surrounded by shimmering, extravagant flat Art Nouveau styled pattern.
Trying to be faithful to the original painting while adding depth to push physical forms of the scene, to me it's important to breath life to the lovers, to let them embrace each others for an eternity of passion. (Source information and image linked from Wikipedia and Österreichische Galerie Belvedere)

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