Daily Sketches VIII - February 2018
E lynx lin brothersgrimm

Day #15,157 - Brothers Grimm

E lynx lin brothersgrimm sketch

Day #15,157 - Brothers Grimm Sketch

E lynx lin nakajima miyuki color

Day #15,156 - Nakajima Miyuki

E lynx lin nakajima miyuki

Day #15,156 - Nakajima Miyuki - Sketch

E lynx lin washington trump

Day #15,155 - The 1st and the 45th

Daily Sketches VIII - February 2018

Day #15,157 - Brothers Grimm
A tribute to Grimm brothers, who collected and shared many iconic folk tales with the world since 19th Century.
The art featured the brothers surround by:
- a 99% poisonous apple,
- a royalty's no.1 plaything golden ball,
- a magical red rose,
- a glass slipper, and
- wrapped around by extremely long hair decorated by flowers.

Day #15,156 - Nakajima Miyuki
A tribute to Nakajima Miyuki (中島 みゆき), an iconic Japanese singer-songwriter,
for her birthday on February 23.
The composition is a fusion of images related to 3 of her songs:
- Thistle Girl's Lullaby (アザミ嬢のララバ - 1975)
- Lonely Portrait (孤独の肖像 - 1985)
- Between the Sky and You (空と君のあいだに - 1994)

Day #15,155 - The 1st and the 45th
A tribute to George Washington, for his 286th birthday.
The idea is to draw a playing card featuring the 1st US president and the 45th, Trump.

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