Nicktoons Globs of Doom - Concept Art I
E lynx lin lx zimhouse01
E lynx lin plungerdoom

Globs of Doom: The Plunger of Doom

E lynx lin lx goddard01

(2007) Boss Goddard

Nicktoons Globs of Doom - Concept Art I

These are concept art I made for Globs of Doom (2008), a Wii & PS2 game developed by Incinerator Studios & published by THQ.

(2007) Mayhem at Zim's House
The boss concept depicts Invader Zim's robot servant, GIR got infected by alien goo, and ceased control of the central computer of Zim's house. Zim and his "friends" must get pass the garden gnomes, the robot parents, and battle the house itself to help GIR snap out of it.

(2007) The Plunger of Doom
It's the Plunger of Doom! This is the ultimate Irken secret weapon designed for the space Invader Zim for his challenging Earth invasion task, as you can see his attack power just increased by 100 points wielding it!

(2007) Boss Goddard
This is an unused boss concept, which is Jimmy Neutron's robot dog Goddard, infected by alien goo.

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