Daily #Art - Day 12-17-18
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Diva & Born Sexy Yesterday

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Diva & Born Sexy Yesterday - Sketch

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Diva & Born Sexy Yesterday - REF

Daily #Art - Day 12-17-18

Daily #Art - Day 12-17-18
(2018) Diva & Born Sexy Yesterday
Here's a an illustrated tribute to actress Milla Jokovich (Dec 17, 1975 - ) for her 43th birthday, with an illustration of Diva and Leeloo from Luc Besson's the Fifth Element (1997).
"Born Sexy Yesterday" is a trope I heard from YouTuber Pop Culture Detective this year.
This trope describes a female archetype that is often used by Hollywood movies (or Japanese anime), as the "ideal" love interest of the male protagonist.
This female archetype has the body of an adult woman, but her mind is as innocent as if she was born yesterday.
Now when I see Leeloo, I can't help to think she fits the "Born Sexy Yesterday" archetype perfectly.
I'd recommend check out his video analysis of the trope he coined.
I like how he summarized his video essay:
"Innocence is not sexy, knowledge and experience (maturity) are."
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