Daily #Art VII - September 2018
Eric lynx lin vi midautumn00

Day 09-24-18 - Moon Watching II

Eric lynx lin midautumnmoon

Day 09-23-18 - Moon Watching

Eric lynx lin elizabeth00

Day -09-22-18 - Will the Circle Be Unbroken?

Daily #Art VII - September 2018

Day 09-24-18 - Moon Watching II / Day 09-23-18 - Moon Watching
Here's a simple illustration of the moon to share with family and friends for the celebration of Mid-Autumn festival (中秋節).
In Chinese myth lady Chang'e ate the elixir of immortality then fled to the moon, but was transformed into a toad afterward.
Good thing that she got herself a little hare as helper/friend up there and lived happily ever after.

Day -09-22-18 - Will the Circle Be Unbroken?
Here's a fan art of Bioshock Infinite (2013), and a tribute to it's protagonists Elizabeth and Booker Dewitt.
Elizabeth: Because it does, because it has, because it will.
Booker: No one tells me where to go."
Elizabeth: Booker... you've already been.

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