Daily Sketches V - February 2018
E lynx lin harey hari rheya

Day #15,148 - Harey, Hari, and Rheya

E lynx lin feb15 figures

Day #15,148 - Science, Rights, Fun, & Beauty

E lynx lin k9 explosion

Day #15,149 - The K9 Explosion

Daily Sketches V - February 2018

Day #15,149 - The K9 Explosion
A mindless surreal illustration to practice quick drawing a bunch of German shepherds with pen and marker, as I have never done before.

Day #15,148 - Harey, Hari, Rheya
Loose portraits of Mrs. Kris Kelvin from film reincarnations of Stanislaw Lem's Solaris, in Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring inspired pose.
None of the portrait are accurate enough to be recognizable, but fits the notion how Kris Kelvin can't remember his wife properly.

Day #15,148 - Science, Rights, Fun, & Beauty
This is a quick pen illustration of 4 public icons born on February 15th:
- Galileo Galilei (1546 - 1642 Italian polymath)
- Susan B. Anthony (1820 - 1906 Women's rights pioneer)
- Matt Groening (1964 - Creator of the Simpsons)
- Jean Seymour (1967 - English Actress)

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