Daily Sketches IX - February 2018
E lynx lin hennerssy world01

Day #15,159 - Triumphant Hennessy

E lynx lin hennerssy world00

Day #15,159 - Triumphant Hennessy Sketch

E lynx lin elizabethtaylor age

Day #15,160 - The Three Ages of Woman

E lynx lin elizabethtaylor age00

Day #15,160 - The Three Ages of Woman Sketch

E lynx lin deprime au moulin de la galette

Day #15,158 - Déprimé au Moulin de la Galette

Daily Sketches IX - February 2018

(2018) The Three Ages of Woman
A tribute to Elizabeth Taylor (1932 - 2011), in three stages of her age, inspired by Gustav Klimt's the Three Ages of Woman (1905).

Day #15,159 - Triumphant Hennessy
A tribute dedicated to my sister, based on a photo of her when she was 4 or 5, striking a triumphant pose while riding a wooden rocking horse.
The color inspiration is drawn from Jacques-Louis David's Napoleon Crossing the Alps (1801), and limited to a few hues for a poster style.

Day #15,158 - Déprimé au Moulin de la Galette
A surreal pen and marker tribute to Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841 - 1919), key French Impressionist artist and his famous Bal du Moulin de la Galette (Dance at the Mill of Galette - 1876)
There is only one person I kept the face out of the crowd, reflecting loneliness regardless of surroundings.
Renoir suffered arthritis in the last 27 years of his life, but disability never stopped him from painting, and the artist created around 1405 artworks through out his life.

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