Xeno Hunter: Character Concepts
E lynx lin brawler00

Xeno Hunter: Tank I

E lynx lin trapper01

Xeno Hunter: Trapper II

E lynx lin trapper00

Xeno Hunter: Trapper I

Xeno Hunter: Character Concepts

These are early stage character design sheets created for a cancelled sci-fi action RPG game for a game company long gone.

(2009) Xeno Hunter: Tank I
The Tank is a leadership class of a space alien hunting party, who wears heavy exoskeleton armor and use various techs (i.e. pheromone emitter) and techniques (flash bang) to aggro and hold the attention of the target creature.

(2009) Xeno Hunter: Trapper I & II
Trapper is a DPS class within a space alien hunting party, whose primary function is to reduce target creature's mobility while draining it's HP and/or stamina away via wide range of trapping gears.

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