Daily Sketch III - January 2018
E lynx foursymbols

Day #15,113 - Four Symbols II

E lynx foursymbols sketch

Day #15,113 - Four Symbols I

E lynx bluemorpho 011018b

Day #15,112 - Blue Morpho on Fingertip II

E lynx bluemorpho 011018a

Day #15,112 - Blue Morpho on Fingertip I

E lynx blancablanco red

Day #15,111 - Lady in Red

Daily Sketch III - January 2018

Day #15,113 - Four Symbols
Going loose and abstract today with the theme of Chinese four symbols: Black Tortoise of the North, Azure Dragon of the East, White Tiger of the West, & Vermilion Bird of the South. And in the same time studying the style of Yoshitaka Amano

Day #15,112 - Blue Morpho on Fingertip
Digitally colored the sketch in Photoshop, but not satisfied with the result. Only way to get better is more practices.
Fact about these iconic blue butterflies:
Only the upper side of the wings are blue due to iridescence through structural coloration, the underside are brown with fake eyes to avoid predators.

Day #15,111 - Lady in Red
This is a pen illustration based on a photo of Blanca Blanco wearing a red dress to the Golden Globe 2018. Just thought it’s a good pose for drawing exercise, don’t go SJW on me now ha.

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