Daily #Art - Day 12-15-18
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Daily #Art - Day 12-15-18

(2018) Returning
Here's a watercolor tribute to illustrator Chihiro Iwasaki (いわさきちひろ / 岩崎知弘 Dec 15, 1918 – Aug 8, 1974) for her 100th birthday, with a digital study in her style based on her the Little Mermaid illustration.
Sea turtles are my best friend's Jefe's favorite sea animal, and
in Chinese the word sea turtle sounds the same as returning from abroad (海歸). So besides drawing some sea turtles for my old pal, it also symbolizes my desire to return to my love across the sea.
I thought my Kikyo painting from Dec 8th was the most feminine art I've ever done, and this one certainly top it.
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