Silent Hill: Goodbye Lisa
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Silent Hill: Goodbye Lisa

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Silent Hill: Goodbye Lisa

(2011) This is a tribute to Silent Hill (1999), a now classic survival horror game by Konami.
This fan art depicts the most memorable scene to me of Lisa Garland, where the poor nurse finally realized she was not among the livings, then being abandoned by Harry Mason the protagonist, out of pitiful fear.
As an over empathetic player I truly want to save Lisa, and I did whatever I can to replay the segment, trying to find a way. But it was what the game intended, a sorrowful end of a tragic character. All I could do was stay on the other side of door listening to her sobbing...
To me, this is the moment Silent Hill is a classic, as it made me care about it's characters, like all good stories do.
The pose of Harry is based on a sad photo of Josh Holloway (a.k.a. Sawyer from Lost) and Lisa's pose is based on Rachel McAdams from the Time Traveler's Wife's official movie poster.
Years later, I got a surprise praise from Konami...

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