To be or Not to Be
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To be or Not to Be

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To be or Not to Be - Sketch

To be or Not to Be

Daily #Art - Day 08-12-19
(2019) To be or Not to Be
Here's a tribute to Shakespeare's Hamlet (1599), with the imagery associated to the famous quote: "To be, or not to be". Added a cockroach on top of the skull, as recently I was accused for being a Nazi for my daily art with a humanoid roach as the subject, on August 8th, 2019.
My response to these people is exactly "to be, or not to be", as I never accused anyone to be born as a low life, but making their choice to act like a low life.
To be or not to be who we are is a choice, not inherited.
That is the clear differences.
Since yesterday these accusers decided to harass me online via Instagram, Facebook, and other social media, posting filthy comments repeatedly. They even found my girlfriend's Instagram account and post similar harassing filth.
There’s no further need to respond to these accusers, since they just act it out to prove my point.
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