Agricola - Game Environment & Promotional Art
E lynx lin ag promocards

Agricola - Promotional Art

E lynx lin ag town00

Agricola - The Town in Winter and Spring

E lynx lin ag town01

Agricola - The Town in Summer and Autumn

Agricola - Game Environment & Promotional Art

The iOS version of Uwe Rosenberg's Euro-style board game classic Agricola is the game I am most proud of in my career.

(2013) Agricola - Promotional Art
These are special P-Deck cards I created featuring my teammates on the project. These were used for Facebook and web promotional campaign prior to the game's release back in 2013.

(2013) Agricola - The Town
This is the full screenshot of the lively little town in summer and autumn, functions as an interactive game board.
The four seasons are key game feature and players must pay attention of it to make sure they have enough food and resources for the winters.
(Disclaimer: This image is for non-commercial use; all rights belong to Lookout Games and Playdek Inc.)

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