Daily #Art - Day 04-07-19
Eric lynx lin billieholiday01 2019

Persistence of Billie Holiday

Eric lynx lin billieholiday00 2019

Persistence of Billie Holiday - Sketch

Eric lynx lin kitten chick00

Day 04-05-19 - Kitten and Chick

Daily #Art - Day 04-07-19

(2019) Persistence of Billie Holiday
Here's a tribute to iconic jazz singer Billie Holiday (Apr 7, 1915 - Jul 17, 1959), with a portrait of her mixed with surreal art inspired by Salvador Dali's famous melted clock from Persistence of Memory (1931), plus Little II the white cat.
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Day 04-05-19 - Kitten and Chick
An illustration based on an animated gif I’ve found of a cute kitten hugging a baby chick.
I went searched for unusual friendship between cat and bird, after I watched a clip on YouTube of a crow taking care of a kitten like a mother.
Love could happens anytime anywhere between anyone, if one is willing. ❤️

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