Dino Crisis: Cartoon Edition
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Dino Crisis: Chibi Comic

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Dino Crisis: Run for Your Life Edition

Dino Crisis: Cartoon Edition

(2000) Dino Crisis: Chibi Comic
(2000) This is a cartoony fan art of Capcom's Dino Crisis (1999), features a chibi version of the protagonist Regina and a raptor. The comic art is incomplete on shading, and I am going to keep it as it is.

(2000 / 2018) Dino Crisis: Run for Your Life Edition
This is a retouched version of an old incomplete pencil sketch from winter 2000, portraying a chibi Regina, the heroine from Capcom's Dinco Crisis, riding a raptor. unknowingly crushing the tiny versions of my co-workers back then and me (I am the victim in the pic).
The retouch 17 years later was sharpen/refined key details, and shaded the incomplete rough area with a pencil.

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