Daily #Art - Day 04-14-19
Eric lynx lin serpounce ironthrone02

Ser Pounce on the Iron Throne

Eric lynx lin serpounce ironthrone00

Ser Pounce on the Iron Throne - Sketch

Daily #Art - Day 04-14-19

(2019) Ser Pounce on the Iron Throne
Here's a tribute to Game of Thrones, with a simple illustration of Ser Pounce the royal kitten as the winner of the Iron Throne, as predicted by George R.R. Martin, for the premiere of its final season.
Of course, the visual aesthetics are taken from Steinlen’s Le Chat Noir poster (1881).
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Day 04-12-19 - Angelic Juliet
Looked at a few Bauhaus style posters to draw some inspiration, then created a stylized illustration of Juliet cosplaying an angel from Romeo + Juliet (1996), played by Claire Danes (Apr 12, 1979 - ), as a tribute.

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