E lynx groundhogday

Day #15,135 - Groundhog Day

E lynx order chaos

Day #15,133 - Order and Chaos

E lynx eggyodynamics anim

Day #15,134 - Eggyodynamics

Daily Sketches X - January / February 2018

Day #15,135 - Groundhog Day
To celebrate Groundhog Day 2018, decided to draw the "Don't drive angry" moment from one of my favorite movie Groundhog Day (1993), where Bill Murray's Phil let the groundhog drives the truck.
The art style is based on the famous Barack Obama "Hope" poster (2008) by Shepard Fairey.

Day #15,133 - Order and Chaos
(2018) Decided to counter the heavily chaotic abstract art I made the previous day, with a heavenly light illustration featuring Athena and Aphrodite plus Tiger Lily and Rose, which symbolizes wisdom and love. Portraits are based on profile photos of young Virginia Woolf and her sister Vanessa Bell.

ay #15,134 - Eggyodynamics
This is an animated surreal illustration of a flock of flying cosmic eggs with various types of wings, painted in impressionistic style imitating Van Gogh.
The inception of this bizarre piece of art sprouted from my plan to make a 3D mock-up character selection screen cycling through a bunch of wing attachments on an egg.

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