Daily Sketches I - February 2018
E lynx utahraptor baldeagle

Day #15,138 - Feathered Utahraptor

E lynx raptor 2000

Day #15,138 - Raptor Rises

E lynx lady beast 2018

Day #15,137 - Lady and Longma

E lynx elizabethblackwell

Day #15.136 - Elizabeth Blackwell

Daily Sketches I - February 2018

Day #15,138 - Raptor Rises / Feather Utahraptor
Two pen and marker dinosaur illustrations of an Utahraptor, 1st one was rendered around the head in 2000 while the rest remained ambiguous, fully inked after a long hiatus. 2nd one is feathered based on plumage of Bald Eagle.

Day #15,137 - Lady and Longma
This is a pen & marker illustration of a country girl tending her otherworldly beast mount,
a remake of an old drawing I made back in 1990. I named the creature Longma 龍馬 (dragon horse in Chinese) simply to match with the word “lady”.

Day #15.136 - Elizabeth Blackwell
This is an illustration celebrating 197th birthday of Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman physician to receive a medical degree in the US.
Bottom portion features the symbol of healing and medicine: Bowl of Hygieia,I also mixed in an Ouroboros which symbolizes the circle of life.
The outer incomplete wings alludes to Caduceus, which is a symbol of commerce but often confused with rod of Asclepius.

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