Daily Sketches III - February 2018
E lynx ayakura kaede

Day 15,144 - Aya (綾) in Maple Red

E lynx jerrygoldsmith

Day #15,143 - Jerry Goldsmith

E lynx jerrygoldsmith sketch

Day #15,143 - Jerry Goldsmith Sketch

E lynx sunshineheart

Day #15,142 - Sunshine In My Heart

Daily Sketches III - February 2018

Day 15,144 - Aya (綾) in Maple Red
This is a re-imagined illustration of an anime girl named Aya (綾) from 1997, using a red maple leaf as the main theme for her outfit.
(1) A red maple leaf I picked up at farmer's market on Saturday
(2) A nice outfitted mannequin in fringed denim jacket at Boot Barn
(3) Learning from two great artists I follow on Twitter, @MYMAYI & @EISAKUSAKU

Day #15,143 - Jerry Goldsmith
An illustration tribute to celebrate Jerry Goldsmith’s 89th birthday, in the theme of Star Trek the Motion Picture (1979).
It features a few classic films he worked on:
- Planet of the Apes (1968)
- Chinatown (1974)
- The Omen (1976)
- Alien (1979)
- Star Trek (1979)
- First Blood (1982)
- Gremlins (1984)
- Mulan (1997)

Day #15,142 - Sunshine In My Heart
A tribute illustration of a close friend in my past, Petula Wong, for her birthday. The elements of this pen drawing are a fusion of her artworks around 1999.
May sunshine always shine brightly in her heart.

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