Daily Sketches II - February 2018
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Day #15,141 - Tuatara Hatchling

E lynx charlesdickens

Day #15,140 - Dickens - Devil-May-Care

E lynx toypartyoffive 2018

Day #15,139 - Toy Party Of Five

E lynx toypartyoffive01 2018

Day #15,139 - Toy Party Of Five with References

Daily Sketches II - February 2018

Day #15,141 - Tuatara Hatchling
Watched a clip from It's Okay to be Smart about this living fossil reptile with no ears,
but has a tiny third eye on its forehead. Apparently this cute endangered critter from New Zealand is NOT a lizard.

Day #15,140 - Dickens - Devil-May-Care
This is an illustrated tribute to Charles Dickens, features portraits of 4 of his characters, in the visual format based on Gorillaz's iconic cover, Demon Days.
The 4 characters are:
- Sam Weller (The Pickwick Papers)
- Oliver Twist
- Dickens as David Copperfield
- Ebenezer Scrooge from a Christmas Carol
I ended up chose the word "Devil-May-Care", a phrase Etymologist claimed Dickens coined in 1837.

(2018) Toy Party Of Five
This is a pen & marker illustration recreating a drawing of same composition from when I was a toddler around age 4 or 5.
The line up from left to right:
- An unknown human figure
- A wind up Tomy Pocket Bot
- A starry eyed bunny toy
- A wind up Tomy Acrobot
- A ceramic robot coin bank

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