Daily Sketches VII - January 2018
E lynx killallothers red

Day #15,126 - Kill All Others in Red

E lynx killallothers

Day #15,126 - Kill All Others

E lynx wecandoit01 012318

Day #15,125 - We Can Do It II

E lynx wecandoit00 012318

Day #15,125 - We Can Do It Study

Daily Sketches VII - January 2018

Day #15,126 - Kill All Others
Ended up drawing this as I am still thinking about that "Kill All Others" episode from Amazon's Electric Dreams, based on Philip K. Dick's short story "The Hanging Stranger".
As I've been politically outspoken, I know I am an obvious candidate to be branded as "the Others".
But, I will be me, as individualism is important.

Day #15,125 - We Can Do It Studies
These are two illustrations paying tribute to Naomi Parker Fraley, who passed away on January 20th at age 96.
The lady has been identified as the Rosie the Riveter behind the famous WWII propaganda poster "We Can Do It!" (1943), by J. Howard Miller.
Drawing the 1st one mindlessly while chatting with my mom via Facetime, I wasn't too satisfied with it and ended up drew another.
2nd one I went for a more simplified line art approach in this one, and intend to keep the color confined in shapes. Originally I wanted just red, white, and blue, but do think adding yellow and flesh tone made it richer.

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