Daily Sketches VI - January 2018
E lynx jupiter baby01

Day #15,124 - In Other Words

E lynx cliff ocean

Day #15,123 - Ocean and Cliff

E lynx xr triwheeler

Day #15,122 - XR Tri-Wheeler

Daily Sketches VI - January 2018

Day #15,122 - In Other Words
Doodling the silhouette based on an old collage I made back in art college (Thumbnail),
while thinking of 2001 Space Odyssey, and the lyric from Fly Me to the Moon:
"Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars..."
Out comes a Star Child to salute Kubrick.

Day #15,123 - Ocean and Cliff
This is a pen & marker illustration imitating a Chinese painting, features one of my favorite Chinese proverb:
海納百川,有容乃大 壁立千仞,無欲則剛
The ocean accepts hundreds of rivers, be content with depth.
A cliff erects thousands of feet, be firm without desire.
Which means happiness can be reached if one can live with an open heart for tolerances, & be free from endless pursues of desires.

Day #15,122 - XR Tri-Wheeler
This is a re-imagined version of my old sci-fi futuristic tri-wheel vehicle doodle from 1990-1991.
Was looking at car concepts from Syd Mead and Lamborghini Terzo Millennio to draw some inspirations.

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