Guernica 3D
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Center portion highlighting the light bulb (destruction), the lamp (hope), & the flower (life).

Guernica 3D

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WIP Guernica 3D with baked Ambient Occlusion.

Guernica 3D

(2017) This is a tribute to Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)'s most famous artwork, Guernica (1937).
The main reason to do this is to echo Picasso's antiwar message, which I strongly believe is needed more than ever.
The backside of this artwork I added a few other Picasso's artworks to advocate peace, however washed out and fragmented it is. The ox, the "sleeping" soldier, and Pegasus are from one of his early Guernica sketches.
The others, most notably his Bouquet of Peace (1958), are sampled from his later works with peace theme.
The only 3 animated elements are the flower, the lamp, and the light bulb. To me the flower symbolizes life, the lamp represents hope, and the light bulb embodies technological destruction. As long as life continues and hope lasts, humanity will goes on.
(Source information and image linked from Wikipedia and Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain)

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