Daily Sketches II - March 2018
E lynx lin soong jiang

Day #15,165 - Red vs. Blue

E lynx lin vivaldi four seasons01

Day #15,165 - Four Seasons

Daily Sketches II - March 2018

Day #15,165 - Red vs. Blue
An illustration of two 1st ladies who shaped China's political landscape in 20th Century,
Soong Mei-Ling (1897 - 2003) & Jiang Qing (1914 - 1991), both shared March 5th birthday.
The two are polar opposite in every aspects of their lives.
Soong was born rich, raised in an influential Christian family.
Jiang was born poor, worked as a child labor & later an actress.
Soong married Chiang, was the 1st lady of the nationalist Republic of China.
Jiang married Mao, was the 1st lady of the communist People's Republic of China.
Soong was overall well loved through out her 105 years old life.
Jiang ended her own life for the damages she inflicted during China's Cultural Revolution at age 77.

Day #15,165 - Four Seasons
A tribute to Antonio Vivaldi (1678 - 1741), the Baroque Italian composer for his 340th birthday.
The surreal composition I got his probable portrait merged with four trees represent each seasons,
echoing his violin concertos known as the Four Seasons.

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